Saturday, 9 April 2011

Albert King - Left hand bending mania

Signature guitar, the flying V. Signature technique, the mad bends. 

Velvet Bulldozer
As every retro Blues guitarist Albert was in the cotton plantations, growing up there singing gospels. 192cm tall and about 250lbs. When i first heard of Albert, i'm amazed with his bends, upside down on the fretboard, he got a lot of space to bend the high E string cause he is playing the other way and not restringing it.
A must see videos include the one with SRV, cause SRV is a big fan of Albert. Finally SRV's dream come true that day.
Links on more of his history,

You can get all disco of albert there.

A must get CD 

Always link himself to Bad Luck and regard is as A luck as a lucky charm.

And The books to Play like Albert King.
Essential Listening.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Robert Johnson - The Devil's Deal

Robert Leroy Johnson, born Mississippi 1911. This great musician is considered a Legend by guitar greats such as Eric Clapton , Rolling stones ..etc . Why? maybe because of the must remarkable one man one acoustic recordings of his songs. A genius of finger picking on his guitar and self taught. I mean how many self taught guitarist can we find nowadays?
From where i'm from, i can say 1 out of 50 you'll meet some guitarist self taught. 
People are getting lazy nowadays, everything need to be spoon fed. Guitar lessons are available everywhere. Back to Mr Johnson. he was not famous at that time. He lived a hard life and always wanted to leave his home for a better one. After he picked up the guitar, he's been playing out alone at night near a crossroad claiming that he learn licks from a tall black image that he called the devil. He also mentioned about a deal he made with it. 
Famous & fame for the price of his SOUL 
Only 2 photos are available consider to be His only image. I tried google it and it's true. Only this 2 photos are valid. Story also said that he liked women alot and also the alcohols. 
Below are some videos on youtube of his work, he only recorded 29 songs and was death to 3 graves that is unmarked. Which one lay the real Robert Johnson? I guess you have to find out youself..

And here is a short story about Robert Johnson found in youtube,

If you would like to download the audio files, i recommend this torrent site,

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